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So much gratitude!

BIG IDEA: Today was my last day with Walmart, and I have so much to be grateful for.


WHY IT MATTERS: Almost 15 years ago, I joined Walmart “to get it on the resume for a year or two” and immediately fell in love with so much about this company.  Today I feel privileged to reflect on a journey I could not have imagined at that time.  So many people made this journey richer for me, and I'm so grateful!


GOING DEEPER:  Here are some of my favorite lessons (both caught and taught) over my time at Walmart.

  • We can do anything, but we can’t do everything.  Choose your big rocks, make them worth your time, and prioritize them in your calendar.

  • Bloom where you are planted.  Be a difference maker exactly where you are, in the business you are currently working on, with the people your life intersects with.  This is your practice ground for who you are becoming.

  • Pour into others.  Speak life into them.  Tell them you see bigger things for them and encourage them to live up to their potential. Give the tough feedback directly… clear is kind.

  • Presence is a differentiator because it is rare.  A mindfulness practice helps foster this skill, and it is learnable. 

  • Spend 80% of your time and energy on what you can control, 15% on what you can influence, and indulge no more than 5% on things you can’t control or influence (the fear zone).  

  • Failure is a great teacher.  Pair high expectations with an abundance of grace.  Excellence is worth striving for, and you WILL fall short – so will others.    

  • Readers are leaders (and audiobooks count).  We are all on a growth journey and you never arrive.  Surround yourself with people and ideas that inspire you.

  • Dream big.  You’re created for purpose and impact.  Take time to think, reflect, wonder, and dream.  Then start taking tiny steps right where you are towards those dreams.

  • Get a therapist.  Set boundaries.  Take a nap.  Cry when you need to.  Prioritize health, sleep, nutrition, play, friendship, and things that bring you joy. 

  • Everyone has a last day at Walmart!  Build your finances, your network, and your identity accordingly.


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