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Vision Setting Exercise 3 - Dreaming in Seven Life Categories

In our previous exercise, we reflected on our core values and took some time to get clear on them and write them down.  We did this with an exercise that included seven life categories, and we are going to use the same categories today.  We are going to do another “Think, then Feel” exercise.


For this exercise, you will need seven sheets of paper (or you can do this on your laptop if you prefer).  At the top of each page, write one category: Physical; Mental; Spiritual; Family/Friends/Relationships; Career/Money; Adventure/Recreation; Service/Contribution.


Next, you will simply start dreaming for each area.  What would you love to happen in each category this year?  What would be amazing and cool if you could accomplish?  This is a mental dump or brainstorm – no judgement or filter.  Use your core values as inspiration for the exercise, but not as a filter.  Aim to have 15-20 or more in each category.  Aim to have a mix of general and specific… for example, under Physical, you could have one that says “I’m in the best shape of my life,” one that says “I ran a half marathon,” and one that says “I can do a backflip” if you want to!  Go big, go silly, go tiny – just get as many ideas on the page as you can. 


Now… go even bigger.  Take off the restrictions of location, and finances, and current health limitations, or any “reality filters” you built into your lists.  Walk away and come back later if you need to.  Some people find this exercise best done over a couple days – or prefer to do a couple categories a day.  Do what works for you.  Just remember, you are not filtering yet.  You are not committing to actually DO any of these things at this point… you are just dreaming. 


Okay, that was the “Think” part of the exercise… now onto the “Feel” part.  Once you have done a mental dump or brainstorm in each area, go back through each list and circle or put a star by 3-5 in each category that make you FEEL excited about the year ahead.  This feeling is a mix of feasibility and excitement – you have to be able to actually picture it happening.  You are still not committing to DO any of these at this point – you are just beginning to focus in on a few options that light a spark of excitement for you.  We’ll use these in our next exercise, and it’s a good one!

Download a free printable workbook with all six exercises here:

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